Have some goods or services you’d like to donate to the auction?  Great!  Thank you for your donation in advance!

Please utilize the donation form below.

6th Auction blank procurement form 



Procurement Tips and Ideas


When considering who to ask for an auction donation, consider the following…

Stop where you shop

  • Look at your credit card statement and checkbook. Consider asking any business where you spend money! Donors will receive recognition in auction materials, displays and on our website. Donating to our auction is great advertising.

  • Consider internet companies you work with or order from

  • Think of vendors you use at your business – they often have many different giveaways

Be Practical

  • Procure items that Church families or Queen Anne neighbors will want or need. Begin with the businesses you know, the things you need and the things you and your family like to do.

  • Donate lessons or consulting time for a skill you have. (computer consulting, photography lessons, closet organizing, babysitting, etc.)

  • Donate something you know was made by hand, like a baby blanket or quilt.

  • Consider who you know in specific business – a personal contact works better than cold calling

Other Tips

Donate only new or antique/collectible items. Used items don’t sell.

  • Art needs to have wide appeal, or it won’t sell well.

  • Donate a gift that was received, but never opened

  • Ask for donations from other non-profits which your family has supported


Procurement forms must accompany every item that is donated for tracking and recognition purposes.




Auction Theme Related Items: Handyman Skills, Home Repair, Tools, Gardening Supplies, Plants, Bldg materials

Dining: Restaurant certificates, Homemade, hand delivered dinners Once/wk/month, Private chef for a night, Dinner with a celebrity (Mack Strong?)

Adult Lessons: Cooking lessons, Wine tasting, Cocktail lessons with a bartender, Ski Lessons, Golf Lessons Dance Lessons, Flying Lessons, Fly Fishing Lessons

Sports/Sporting Events: Autographed memorabilia, Camping equip, Sports tkts, Rounds of Golf, Ski package

Automotive: Car detailing service, Car Wash supplies, Certificate for a service check, Oil changes for a year

Travel: Getaway to a bed and breakfastCabin accommodations for a weekend. Car rental certificate, Airline gift certificate, Travel packages, Cruises, Boat trips, Getaways

Art: Portrait photography, Custom painted family portrait, Framed art for a childs room, Unique pieces

Children’s Classes: Seattle Children’s Theatre Workshop, Ballet Lessons, Arena Sports Day Camp, Sky Hawks Sports Camp, Horseback riding lessons, Music Lessons

Food: Basket from specialty store, Bagels a week for a month, Coffee baskets, Candy – for baskets, Prepaid Espresso Cards, Espresso machine & Grinder Set

Health: Massage Therapy, Spa Day, Acupuncture, Private Yoga Lessons

Jewelry: Handmade pieces, Local Artist pieces, Precious or semi precious pieces

Clothing: Gift certificate for outfit, Scarves and accessories, Gift certificates to clothing stores, Personal stylist

Music: Tickets to concert, Ticketmaster gift certificates, Music instrument sets, Piano Lessons, Musical birthday party, CD Sets

Household: High-end kitchen gadgets & tools, Serve ware, Unique conversation pieces, Holiday decorations kids, Vases, Unique glass or pottery pieces

Entertainment: Event tickets, Certificate for DVD’s, Movie Passes, Children’s Theatre passes, Science Center/ Aquarium/Zoo passes

Pets: A week of boarding, Doggy Daycare wkly for a month, Gift certificate for Pet Supplies store

Services: Party Planning, 8 hours of profession organization, Family Photography, Weekly housekeeping for a month, Lawn care services, Handyman services

Yard and Garden: Landscape Design, Statuary, Garden Fixtures, Planting Pots, Nursery Gift Certificates